MMA News Roundup: 10 Most Historic UFC Events, Renzo Gracie Comments To Sonnen

We get it.  You’re busy.  And there’s a ton of awesome stuff to keep up with in this great big world of MMA. And since you don’t have the time to scour the net for good content like we do, we’re hand delivering you the news, rumors and best of the rest – right here in the Roundup.

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Melvin Guillard sat down with HeavyMMA to discuss his upcoming UFC 148 contest and taking baby steps with the Blackzilian MMA team

The staredown at the UFC 148 pre-fight press conference was intense. Seriously, you need to see this for yourself

MMA News, Commentary, and the Best of the Rest

Don’t end up looking like this guy.  Here is a new top contender for nastiest nose break in MMA (Cage Potato)

In celebration of one of the most highly-anticipated events in UFC history being nearly upon us, let’s take a look back at 10 historic events that made the UFC as great as it is today (Bleacher Report)

According to UFC President Dana White, the epic rematch between Silva and Sonnen almost didn’t happen.  We can all thank Dana for landing the fight. Check out how it all went down (

Check out what FOX Sports Analyst Jay Glazer, an avid MMA fan, has to say about the sport’s biggest stories (

Get the inside scoop of Cung Le’s training camp, diet, and more as he prepares for his fight with Patrick Cote.  Watch the fighter diary here (

The UFC has yet to release an official event poster for UFC 148 due to the changes of the co-main event.  But fear not, Chael Sonnen’s fans have produced a poster, and Chael could not be more thrilled with how it came out.  See the poster here (5th Round)

“I don’t feel an itch and I don’t struggle with the decision I made.”  Randy Couture discusses his happiness with his decision to retire (

Another Brazilian fighter speaks out against Chael Sonnen.  Renzo Gracie discusses how Chael’s talking has lost him all respect, and could provoke a street fight (

“Losing is part of the sport and everyone goes through it, but it still sucks.”  Chad Mendez discusses his first loss of his professional career, and his quest for redemption at  UFC 148 (

Tito Ortiz discusses the secret to success for after a fighter hangs up the gloves.  Hear what his suggestions are (

Anderson Silva assures us that what he’s going to do to Chael Sonnen’s face this weekend will sound something like, “Bap! Bap! Bap! Boom!”  Ouch.  Read the interveiw here (

Miesha Tate agrees to a fight with Julie Kedzie.  Hear about her recovery from the serious arm injury recieved during her last fight and more (