UFC, ESPN Extend U.K. Broadcasting Deal For Another Year

UFC President Dana White

UFC extends U.K. broadcast deal

Ultimate Fighting Championship fans in the U.K. and Ireland can rejoice.

UFC officials announced today that an extension has been reached to keep live fights on ESPN in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The extension pushes the expiration of the deal to August of 2013. At least for one more full year, UFC fans in England and Ireland will be able to watch live fights, including pay-per-view events.

“UFC will continued to be aired on ESPN in the U.K., giving the channel rights to all main live UFC events until August 2013,” theĀ  official UFC UK account tweeted.

Along with the live fights, U.K. fans will also be able to tune in later this year to “The Ultimate Fighter: Australia vs. U.K.” Without the extension, the promotion would not have had a broadcast deal, as the deal would have come to a close next month.

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