Ed Soares: Anderson Silva Is Bigger In Brazil Than Kobe, LeBron Are In U.S.

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva

Soares: In Brazil, Silva is bigger than Kobe, LeBron in U.S.

Anderson Silva is a superstar, make no doubt about it.

He is undefeated in the UFC, owns the middleweight belt, has sponsorship deals with Nike and Burger King, and has no signs of slowing down.

But, according to his manager Ed Soares, he is comparable in Brazil to two very successful and famous athletes here in the United States.

On The MMA Hour, Soares stated that in Brazil Silva’s superstardom can be likened to the superstardom of NBA elites Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

“He’s bigger than Kobe Bryant and LeBron James here,” Silva’s manager Ed Soares said on Wednesday. “He’s bigger than that there. It’s crazy. Every time I go there, I don’t think it can get any bigger, but he seems to get even bigger.”

Of course, Silva’s UFC 153 knockout win over Stephan Bonnar last weekend in Rio certainly couldn’t of hurt his reputation there, but if he’s really as big as Kobe and LeBron, two athletes in the famous “One Name Club,” it’s no wonder he was called upon to save UFC 153.

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