Hendricks Vs Sadollah Was Called Too Soon, But That’s MMA

Even though I had an immediate opinion on this topic, I had to rewatch the Hendricks/Sadollah fight – in all its brevity – a few times before commenting. Here’s the gist:

The two welterweights squared off in the ring at UFC 101: Declaration, and after a few promising, yet deflected kicks from Sadollah, Hendricks moved in. Short story long, Sadollah tried to clinch, Hendricks backed away, then he threw five uppercuts, causing Sadollah to fall to his knees. Hendricks threw about six punches in a second or two and referee Dan Miragliotta called the fight.

It was one of those signature MMA situations, though. Miragliotta shouldn’t be condemned too much. In all fairness, we can’t overlook the first five uppercuts from Hendricks while Sadollah was trying to clinch. We can’t ignore the fact that Sadollah fell to not one, but both of his knees. And we can’t ignore the barrage of punches Hendricks delivered while Sadollah was down. However, just as ref Miragliotta steps in, Sadollah starts standing up.

It’s a tricky call considering all that evidence in a 28 second time span. But while the fight was called too soon, that’s how the sport of MMA works.

Even though the crowd was booing because of the early call, it was just one of those quick situations where the ref had to make a call. That’s the sport of MMA. Yes we all wanted to see a longer fight and yes, Sadollah probably wasn’t entirely finished, but he also wan’t showing any signs of that until the ref jumped in.

Oh, and if you want to know Joe Rogan’s opinion, just listen to how many times he says “oh no” after the fight is called (it’s three).

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