Why Run, Forrest? It Wasn’t That Bad

If I hear one more “Run, Forrest! Run!” joke, I’m going to do something irrational…

After being knocked out by Anderson Silva at their match at UFC 101: Declaration, Forrest Griffin was helped to his feet, stumbled out of the cage and up and booked it out of the arena. And yes, this isn’t the first time he’s done this. He reacted in a similar fashion at UFC 66 after ref John McCarthy stopped the fight when Keith Jardine landed nine blows that Forrest didn’t respond to.

Some are calling Forrest a poor sport for doing this, but let’s put ourselves in his shoes for a second, shall we?

  1. He lost the Light Heavyweight title to Rashad Evans at UFC 92 not even a year ago.
  2. Anderson Silva – the pound for pound best fighter in the world – moves up to his weightclass for a “challenge.”
  3. He starts giving interviews with the whole “why not me?” approach to beating Silva.
  4. He wakes up on the mat after being picked apart before the first round was even over.

Seriously, who’d want Joe Rogan in your face right after that? A fan favorite, now with two losses back to back on his record. It must’ve hit him all at once as his camp was standing him up: He was the Light Heavyweight champion not even nine months ago and now he’s going to really have to work for another chance at the title shot.

Unless you’re announcing your retirement, there’s very little the fans want to hear from the one who lost. “I need to work on my game,” “I clearly was outmatched” and even “The ref was paid to call the fight! He should be banned from the sport!” just aren’t that interesting.

It’s humiliating being beaten in front of a crowd and not a sign of poor sportsmanship if you don’t necessarily want to stick around. But there’s something that should be said for those who lose and face the cameras even while their hand stays down and their opponent’s is lifted up.

But Forrest. You didn’t need to take off. You were beaten by the best fighter in MMA. Maybe that’s what you get for making fun of Conor:

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