Chuck’s Dancing Debut

Poor Chuck Liddell. He hasn’t had a television appearance this rough since his infamous interview with Gary Cogill on Good Morning Texas. In that appearance, Liddell seemed like he was drunk or high, slurring his words and proclaiming his intention to fight boxer Tommy Morrison, who was not an MMA fighter and had HIV to boot. He was in such bad shape that Cogill ended the interview by saying “You hang in there today. Take care of yourself.”

This wasn’t quite as bad. But it was closer than you’d think. With Dana White and both Fertitta brothers “ringside” as it were, Liddell made his debut on Dancing with the Stars. While the judges recognized his star power and likability, they were less complimentary of his dancing. One judge, Len Goodman, even encouraged the former champion to “Get in touch with your feminine side, if you would, a little more graceful.”

Chuck is in luck though. George Hamilton’s son embarrassedthe whole clan, not only with his wooden dancing, but with his half-assed tan as well. I think he’ll get the boot and Chuck will survive for a rematch. Hopefully, this time, in touch with his feminine side.

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