The New Wanderlei Silva: Has The Axe Murderer Gone Sissy?

They call Wanderlei Silva the “Axe Murderer.” In a sport filled with scary men, men willing to step into a cage knowing all hell is about to break loose, Silva was the scariest. In Japan he would weaken opponent’s knees just by looking at them before the fight. His blank and dead eyes stared straight forward while he methodically rotated his wrists, hands locked together by stubby fingers. Great men, brave men, warriors all: it didn’t matter who was in the other corner. Their will wilted at the sight of him.
Can you think of a man less likely to get cosmetic surgery? And yet, that was the internet scuttlebutt when new pictures of Silva surfaced. Had living in America, in the heart of Las Vegas, softened him? Was Silva, dare we even speculate, a new kind of metro sexual? The answer, thankfully, is a resounding no.
Silva, still the Axe Murderer we know and love, got surgery on his eyes not to look better (after all even the marvels of modern medicine can only go so far) but to become even deadlier in the cage. After hundreds of stitches Silva got cut faster than a white running back at NFL Training Camp. Doctors scraped away the bone underneath, his very skull, to try to stop this from happening. All that time getting stitches after the fights was cutting into his partying.
Is this good news? Is it a good thing that one of the world’s most frightening individuals has become an even deadlier weapon? Maybe we were all better off thinking he was simply looking to make a play for our women? Because a more deadly, more streamlined, lighter skulled Wanderlei Silva will now haunt my dreams. Sleep well….