Karo Parisyan Out Of Fight With Dustin Hazelett At UFC 106

Dana White TwitterNo one knows why, but UFC President Dana White is not short on words – he got it done in 140 characters.

This isn’t the first time Parisyan has pulled a vanishing act in the days leading to a fight. He pulled out of a fight last year under mysterious circumstances. When he returned, he tested positive for hydrocodone, oxymorphone and hydromorphone and was suspended for nine months by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Heavy.com asked NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer for details on Parisyan’s withdrawal, but he had no details.

Dustin Hazelett, who was scheduled to face Parisyan on the main card, will be paid his full fighter salary and win bonus. Welterweights Jacob Volkmann and Paulo Thiago have been moved to the main card in place of the now-canceled Parisyan/Hazelett bout.

It was reported this afternoon that Parisyan pulled out of his fight due to a battle with addiction to painkillers. Parisyan denied the report, saying that he pulled out due to anxiety attacks.

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