Edgar Given Next Shot At Penn’s Championship

Gray Maynard may have earned a victory against Nate Diaz on Monday night, but his decision to focus on trash talking instead of finishing his loud-mouthed opponent will cost him early.

Dana White today confirmed with Ariel Helwani of MMA Fighting that Frankie Edgar, not Maynard, will receive the next shot at lightweight champion B.J. Penn. White indicated that he didn’t believe that Maynard was 100% ready for a title shot just yet.

Heavy.com was informed by sources close to the UFC that Edgar would likely receive the title shot.

White also confirmed that Penn will likely face Edgar at UFC 112 in April. The show is tentatively planned for Abu Dhabi but has not been officially confirmed by the promotion.

Edgar is 11-1, with his only career loss coming at the hands of Maynard nearly two years ago. Prior to the Diaz bout, Maynard was virtually guaranteed a title shot with a win. Diaz was able to get into Maynard’s head utilizing his trademarked Diaz trash-talking style, however, and Maynard spent the majority of the bout engaged in a verbal war instead of attempting to finish an opponent he should have emphatically beaten.

Maynard squeaked by with a split-decision victory, but it didn’t impress UFC matchmaker Joe Silva enough to grant him a shot at the gold.

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