UFC 111 Media Conference Call Quotes

All four fighters in the main and co-main events for the UFC 111 card later this month participated in a conference call with the media today to discuss their upcoming bouts.

Here are some selected highlights:

St. Pierre on why he believes he’ll beat Dan Hardy: “I believe I’m a better mixed martial artist than Dan Hardy. I try to use technique to win fights in a beautiful fashion, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do this time.”

Dan Hardy on being a big underdog: “I’ve been in this situation 100 times before. Every time I step in here I’m supposed to lose. It’s just going to make me perform better. It raises my game and forces me to deal with it. George will push me where I need to be pushed. Nobody can stand and trade punches with me, so I’m hoping Georges can force me to the ground because I have a lot more to show.”

Hardy on what a title win would mean for the UK MMA scene: “I get asked that question a lot. The UK has come a long way. The UFC is marketing the sport and it’s becoming legitimate. I will take the title belt back to the UK and help raise the profile even more.”

Frank Mir on getting another shot at Brock Lesnar: “Obviously, I want another shot at Brock. But if I don’t beat Shane Carwin, the chances of me ever getting another shot at Brock aren’t very good, so I have to take care of business.”

Carwin on giving up his day job: “To be honest, my job is a place where I go and relax. I can get away from fighting and have normal conversations with people who don’t care that I’m a fighter. So I don’t see myself ever giving it up.”

Mir on when he first realized Carwin could be a contender in the heavyweight division: “I saw it during the Gonzaga fight. Shane was in trouble, on his back, but he was able to immediately get up. And then within 30 seconds of being in trouble, he ended the fight with a knockout. That’s when I realized that he could be a serious force.”

Carwin on Lesnar: “I think Brock is good for the sport. He brings in a lot of new fans. It’s good to have him back.”

Hardy on his verbal abilities: “To be quite honest, I’m never thinking about building up a fight. I just say what’s on my mind in honest fashion, and some people take it the wrong way. But I love the American fans and I’m quite happy with the way I’ve been received here.”

Hardy on training with Matt Serra: “Matt’s been in the same situation I’m in, going in as an underdog. He’s beaten Georges and he’s lost to Georges. And Matt is so generous with his time and with his knowledge, and he’s been a huge help for me.”

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