Top Five Worst TUF Moments

These are the absolute worst moments from 11 seasons of The Ultimate Fighter

There have been a lot of highlights over the eleven seasons of The Ultimate Fighter. My five personal favorites will be delivered tomorrow.

However, for every positive, there is a negative corollary, a face-twisting bad moment that we’d much rather forget. Outside of a couple solid scraps on the finale (Jared Rollins vs. War Machine, anyone?) and the always entertaining commentary of Matt Serra, the rest of Season 6 falls under into this category. When the time comes and we need to determine when The Ultimate Fighter jumped the shark, go back and watch Season 6 and you’ll have your answer.

With that in mind, here are my personal Top 5 lowlights from The Ultimate Fighter.

5. Coach Rampage – Seasons 7 and 10

Being a coach on TUF is a double-edged sword for fighters. While you get the benefit of increased exposure and a great deal of face time on television, you also have to operate outside of your element and it’s not really one of those things that you can turn down.

Though the first part works wonders for Quinton Jackson, the incredibly charismatic and camera-friendly former light heavyweight champion is the worst coach in the history of coaching. Not TUF history – coaching history. Rod Marinelli went 0-16 with the Detroit Lions a few years back and I would understand giving him another chance before letting “Rampage” anywhere near a coaching position again.

Sporting a 5-16 record through two seasons, Jackson delivered important strategic advice like “get up” and “don’t let him do that” to his fighters. When they lost, he was too bummed to enter the cage and speak to them, leaving his opponent Rashad Evans to pick up his slack on Season 10.

I mean, the dude picked Kimbo Slice for his team for chrissakes! I like Kimbo as much as the next guy, but you had to know Kevin Ferguson was not winning that competition.