Rob Gronkowski Net Worth: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Rob Gronkowski net worth


Rob Gronkowski played in 13 games in the 2018 season, hauling in 47 receptions while being targeted 72 times. He recorded 682 receiving yards, good for 14.5 yards per catch. Gronkowski scored 3 touchdowns and converted 34 first downs, according to ESPN.

Rob Gronkowski Net Worth: $15 Million

Rob Gronkowski has a net worth of $15 million as estimated by Celebrity Net Worth. Interestingly, FinnApp has Gronk’s estimated net worth much higher at $153 million. The reason? The tight end has said that he has been saving all of his NFL career money and simply living off of his endorsement deals.

If this is truly the case, Gronkowski has several million in the bank which could greatly impact his net worth.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. He Made $10.75 million Last Season, Including a $2.5 Million Bonus for Being Named an All-Pro

In 2017, Sports Illustrated reported that Gronkowski and the Patriots had reached a deal to restructure his contract. Citing ESPN’s Adam Schefter, SI said the deal had the potential to make him the highest paid tight end in the NFL.

“Gronkowski’s new contract increases his salary from $5.25 million to possibly making $10.75 million, Schefter reports. The different tiers in Gronkowski are dependent on playtime, receptions, receiving yards, touchdowns and All Pro team status. His playing time percentage over the past three season is 31.5% in 2016; 84.2% in 2015 and 70.3% in 2014,” the Sports Illustrated report reads, in part.

With a base salary of $4 million for 2017, according to Spotrac, Gronkowski’s potential earnings relied heavily on contract incentives. He would earn an additional $5.5 million if he managed to be on the field for 90 percent of snaps, caught 80 receptions, had 1,200 receiving yards, scored 14 touchdowns, or was selected for All-Pro honors. As ESPN reported the following January, he came up short of the statistical benchmarks but was selected All-Pro.

2. He Hasn’t Touched a Penny From  His Career NFL Earnings

In 2015, Business Insider reported that Gronkowski has never spent a dime of the money he has made playing football. While he’s raked in millions, he’s never needed to spend his contract money. Gronkowski explained in his autobiography, It’s Good to be Gronkthat he makes enough money with his various endorsement deals to meet his expenses.

As Money reported in 2018, Gronkowski confirmed that he’s sticking to the same lifestyle.

“This week, Gronkowski appeared on the Uninterrupted online video series ‘Kneading Dough’ and said that he still lives by the same code — spending only the money he earns from endorsement deals with brands like Dunkin’ Donuts, Nike, and BodyArmor sports drink. Instead of blowing his Patriots pay, he says, he’s been investing it — and he’s happy with the results,” Money reported.

“If you see my NFL money, how much I’ve made, I’ve got way more than that baby,” Gronkowski said during the show.

3. He Owns a Home in Foxborough & Bought the House Next Door, Too

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Gronkowski lives just a few miles away from the office. In fact, Gronk could walk to work every day if he chose to do so.

“Through an LLC, Gronk owns adjacent homes in Foxboro, MA. One of the homes is a five-bedroom with 4,486 square feet of living space. The other house is a four-bedroom with 4,466 square feet. Combined, the total property measures an acre and a half at the end of a secluded circle just a couple of miles away from Gillette Stadium,” reports.

The same story details that Gronkowski previously owned a “party house” in Tampa, Florida. He apparently sold the home the year after he purchased it because he was unable to travel to Tampa often enough to enjoy it.

“The gated three-story mansion in the Westshore Yacht Club features a wood-paneled elevator, custom-built fish tanks, and a casino-style security system. At 4,700 square feet, it was offered for sale fully furnished, with a pool and two Yamaha personal watercraft. The $2.08 million sale price did not include the watercraft, furniture, boat slip or personal property,” the Tampa Bay Times reported back in 2013.

Additionally, in between his time as a homeowner in Tampa and Foxborough, Gronkowksi purchased a penthouse loft in Seaport.

“The 2,063- square-foot corner unit in the Fort Point neighborhood features original brick and beam character, Bellawood maple floors, a ‘dramatic open living/dining area with Juliette balcony’ and ‘views south from dawn until dusk,’ according to the listing,” the Boston Herald reported in 2016. It’s unknown if Gronk still owns the penthouse.

4. He Remains Frugal but Does Splurge on Cars

One way Gronkowski has managed to save money is by being frugal when it comes to certain necessities, namely clothing. As he explained during the “Kneading Dough” episode — describing it as his “broke habit” — Gronkowski will wear the same clothes until they are threadbare. He keeps them clean but, if he likes it, will wear his attire “down to the rags.”

“Whatever my brothers had — hockey equipment, baseball equipment, even clothes — [my parents] used to just hand it down to us kids. That’s why I just feel like I have no problem ever just wearing the same shirt, wearing the same jeans, shorts, until I totally got to finally get rid of them,” Gronkowski said, according to CNBC.

However, he apparently has a thing for cars. According to FinnApp, Gronk is the proud owner of a Mercedes-AMG S63, an Audi R8, an Audi Q7, and a Bentley Continental GT. He also has an SUV of some sort, which Foxboro residents often see him cruisin’ around town in. You can call that his daily driver.

5. He Has Endorsements With Nike, Tide & Dunkin’ Donuts

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As mentioned above, Gronkowski claims to have banked every cent he’s been paid to play football for the Patriots. He’s able to do so by living off the money he makes from various endorsements. In fact, some of his properties have been purchased by a limited liability company called Gronkowski Endorsements LLC.

Gronkowski’s endorsement deals range from the obvious, in athletic gear by Nike, to the not-so-obvious, like his appearance in commercials for Tide detergent.

“Rob Gronkowski’s fiscal prudence may appear contradictory to his carefree party-boy persona. But it’s true: the Patriots tight end is a shrewd business operator, building Gronk Inc. into a multimillion-dollar brand. Gronk’s name is plastered all over a number of big-time products, from Dunkin’ Donuts to Tide,” WEEI reports.

Additionally, Gronk recently started his own teeth-whitening company.

“Go check out my company @SnowTeethWhitening taking over the world! Place your order and use code “GRONK” to show some love. No sensitivity, professional results, proprietary system & ships worldwide. Join 250,000+ happy customers,” he captioned an Instagram post back in November.

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