Gwyneth Paltrow’s Net Worth: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Getty Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow’s net worth has skyrocketed in the last decade. She’s now worth about $100 million and her business, Goop, is worth even more than that. She and her business are the subjects of a new documentary by Netflix called The Goop Lab. 

1. Gwyneth Paltrow Is Worth About $100 Million


Paltrow’s net worth varies depending on what source you reference. According to Celebrity Net Worth, her net worth is $100 million. noted that in 2014, her net worth was estimated to be about $140 million. (Interestingly, Forbes estimated her net worth as being $19 million in June 2014.) 

2. Her Company, Goop, Is Worth $250 Million


The New York Times reported in July 2018 that Paltrow’s Goop company was worth $250 million. The company is based in Santa Monica and hosts summits where tickets cost $500 to $4,500. Those $4,500 tickets can include stays at Casa del Mar and two dinners with Paltrow. To reach more customers, she set up pop-up Goop stores across the country and hired Elise Loehnen.

Goop’s net worth increased after it received an investment of $50 million in 2018, reported.

Goop, the Times noted, was named after Paltrow’s initials and the idea that successful Internet companies often had “oo” in their names. The Times also noted an interesting phenomenon in the company’s growth: the more it was criticized by mainstream experts or websites, the more popular it became.

3. Goop Started as a Newsletter in 2008 & Tripled Its Revenue in 2018


Goop started in 2008 as just a newsletter, reported. Paltrow originally intended to just recommend products with her newsletter, like certain recipes or health plans. She had about 150,000 subscribers as of 2009. But in 2014 the company moved into e-commerce, followed by launching Goop Wellness in 2017.

In 2017, Goop’s revenue from products jumped from $15 to $20 million to $45 to $60 million, reported.

Then in 2018, Goop received $82 million in funding. The company tripled its revenue, Fortune reported.

4. Goop Paid a $145,000 Fine Over Its Jade Egg & Two Other Products

Truth in Advertising filed a complaint against Goop about health claims regarding some of its products, including vaginal jade eggs. At one time the company said the eggs could increase “vaginal muscle tone, hormonal balance, and feminine energy,” reported. Goop ended up paying $145,000 in penalties for some of its marketing claims, Vox reported. This was a settlement with the Orange County District Attorney’s office, which also included reimbursing customers who bought the jade egg, rose quartz egg, or Inner Judge Flower Essence Blend and wanted a refund.

5. She Bought a Home in 2016 for $4.9 Million & Sold a Penthouse in 2017 for $10.57 Million

In 2016, Paltrow bought a four-bedroom, four-bath Santa Barbara mansion for $4.9 million, InStyle reported. It’s 5,022-square-feet and includes a separate three-bedroom, 3 1/2-bath guest house. The home has a swimming pool and sits on 2.5 acres.

In 2017, she sold a Tribeca penthouse for $10.75 million, Observer reported. She and now-ex-husband Chris Martin bought the home together for $5.17 million in 2007 and renovated the entire home. The home is a 3,892-square-penthouse decorated in colors like lilac and white. They originally tried to sell it for $14.25 million, but ultimately sold it for $10.75 million.

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