Jerry Nadler’s Net Worth: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Getty Jerry Nadler

Rep. Jerry Nadler, House Judiciary Chairman, was one of seven impeachment managers in President Donald Trump’s trial. He’s also one of the poorer members of Congress. In fact, his net worth often falls in the negative range.

1. In 2016, His Net Worth Was in the Negative Range

According to Open Secrets, in 2016 Nadler’s net worth actually fell in the negative range (this is the most recent year available on Open Secrets.) His assets ranged from $3,000 to $45,000 and included accounts with Chase Bank, HSBC Bank, and the Congressional Federal Credit Union.

His liabilities, meanwhile, ranged from $110,000 to $265,000. So even with the lowest range on his liabilities and the highest range on his assets, he still would have come out in the negative in 2016.

Nadler is married to Joyce Miller. Joyce is an adjunct professor at Columbia University where she teaches International and Public Affairs. Miller is also the CEO/President of Tier One Public Strategies, according to her LinkedIn.

2. His Main Liabilities Were a Home & a Vacation Home

His liabilities in 2016 included a mortgage on his home in New York, a purchase loan on a vacation home, and a revolving credit card that was listed at $0, Open Secrets noted.

This 2016 disclosure was lower than his 2013 disclosure, which placed his net worth in the positive range, although not very high.

In 2018, Nadler filed a financial disclosure statement (the most recent on Open Secrets). Assets then included HSBC Bank, the Congressional Federal Credit Union, Chase bank, the New York Employee Retirement System (a pension for $21,558), and several accounts that were part of his wife’s pension and salary. He also received a small teaching fee for $8,000 from Keene State, a legislative pension for $18,000 from Maryland, and $1,000 for a Civil War Roundtable.

Nadler still had liabilities listed with Wells Fargo and a revolving Chase credit card in 2018.

3. Nadler Disagreed with a 2013 Plan for Congress to Not Get a Paycheck Until It Passed the Budget

In 2013, Nadler disagreed with a plan for Congress to not receive a paycheck until it passed a budget, The New York Times reported. He said it was unconstitutional and that it might force members to vote for legislation they disagreed with. At the time, Nadler pointed out that he was one of the poorest members of the House.

4. Nadler Also Collects a State Pension

In 2017, the New York Post noted that Nadler was one of a number of Representatives receiving a federal salary and a state pension. The Post reported that he was receiving $21,151 a year as a former member of the New York state assembly.

5. In 2002 He Had Weight Loss Surgery So He Could Live to His His Grandchildren


In 2002, Nadler had stomach reduction surgery after struggling with obesity for much of his life. He said at the time he was having the surgery because he wanted to live to see his grandchildren, The New York Times reported in 2002.  He also said that he thought genetics was involved because his twin was also overweight.

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