Ford Introduces the Octane Academy

How many of you have watched Ken Block, Tanner Foust, Brian Deegan or Vaughn Gittin Jr. throw a whip around a track and mumbled to yourself from the comfort of an armchair, “I can do that”? Well, Ford is giving you a chance to show everyone that you’ve got the grapes.

Lucky fans will be flown to Michigan for one of four race weekends where they will receive hands-on instruction from their heroes and be pitted against fellow competitors in a series of challenges. The resulting shame or glory will be posted on the Internet for all to see, but with big risks, come big rewards. The winner takes home one of four tricked-out rides from Ford.

To apply, simply put together a short video explaining why you should be picked out of all the applicants to spend four days at the Octane Academy. That’s it. Just don’t including any driving in your video. Save that for the main event.

Heavy is heading to the Ford Proving Grounds in Michigan next week to check out the Octane Academy first hand so stay tuned for additional coverage, but time is wasting. The first race weekend is in November so get with it and apply today.

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