Your Car Needs a Carstache

Everyone is abuzz about the fuzz

Everyone is abuzz about the fuzz

Sure that “new car smell” is great, but it lasts about as long as a drive-thru order at Arbys. And then what are you left with? A pre-pubescent ride which I guess is cool if you’re into that sort of thing. But maybe you’re into an older, more sophisticated look. Maybe you think Magnum PI is pretty damn cool. Maybe, just maybe, you are ready for a Carstache.

It affixes to your grill in moments and turns Tom Petty into Richard Petty. Available in Classic Black, Grizzly Brown, Wisdom Grey, Firestache Orange, Hot Pink, Legendary Blond, Purple Pleasure and the classic Glorystache (Red, White and Blue). They are suitable for cars, trucks, boats, four wheelers, ambulances, hearses, school buses, trees – really anything that could use more WIN.

Get your Carstache today! Here’s an email from a satisfied customer. Just think of the company you’ll keep!

Carstache Customer Email

Another Satisfied Customer

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