2012 NY International Auto Show Filled with Glitz, Glamour and Green Technology

[BoxTitle]Fisker Karma ES[/BoxTitle]

I never thought I’d fall in love with a range-extended electric car and then came the Fisker Karma ES. This car isn’t just beautiful, it has supermodel curves. And this girl isn’t all looks; it has the power to match, producing 959 lb/ft of torque, instantly available and goes 0-60 mph in 6.3 seconds. All this and it’s easy on your conscience, featuring a variety of environmentally-friendly features from its low emissions and non-hazardous paint to recycled wood trim and signature solar roof.

[BoxTitle]Dodge SRT Viper[/BoxTitle]

One of the most hotly anticipated reveals at this year’s Auto Show was the 2013 Dodge SRT Viper, back in production for the first time since 2010. They’ve been teasing us for months with cryptic photos and trickles of information. It seems the arduous wait was worth it. What Dodge brought to the table wasn’t a castrated incarnation of the classic American supercar, it was a rubber-burning, track-destroying V10 monster and wer’re into it.

[BoxTitle]Scion FR-S[/BoxTitle]

Scion is attempting to pry their way into the affordable sports car market with the FR-S. The new Scion derives its name from the 200hp front-mounted Boxer engine and rear-wheel drive. While not overly eye-catching, the FR-S is a well-styled addition to the Scion stable and great for someone looking to for real pep without breaking the bank.

[BoxTitle]Mercedes-Benz Becker JetVan[/BoxTitle]

Leave it to Mercedes-Benz to make the ultimate limousines. With a tagline like “the ultimate in executive transportation”, there’s a certain level of posh you tend to expect, and Mercedes and Becker nailed it. Sporting electric doors, touch screen controls, leather recliners, a full home theater system, integrated 4G connectivity, and even a body option that allows you to fully stand up, the pair left no luxury uncovered.

[BoxTitle]Mazda 2EVIL Concept[/BoxTitle]

Used for the last few years as a launch platform for their sporty sub-compact, the 2EVIL is a racier, modified version of the tradition Mazda2. While once again only existing in concept form, we’d love to see this offered as a package option. The 2Evil has a low, mean stance that tells of a nimble racer ripping lanes on the highway or drifting the track.

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