Canadian Motorcycle Rider Goes on Suicide Speed Run

A need for speed is one thing, trying to break the Guinness land speed record from the seat of your crotch rocket is a whole other ballgame of crazy. The insane video of a lunatic going over 185 mph on his bike while weaving in and out of traffic along a Canadian highway went viral back in April, and now its star is facing charges.

randy george scott

Initially, police in British Colombia didn’t have enough evidence to identify the rider, but are now proceeding with charges against Randy George Scott after receiving information from key witnesses.

Police haven’t apprehended Scott yet, but the search is on. Catching Scott on his motorcycle is going to be next to impossible. The best way to snag this moto-psycho is obviously going to be when the guy is on foot. It’s hard to move fast when you’re draggin’ balls that big.