5 Best Prime Day Automotive Deals (2018)


Amazon Prime Day will hit in full force starting tomorrow at noon. In the meantime, however, Amazon is still releasing its daily deals, giving us an idea of what’s to come. Though the discounts may not be as steep, they are much easier to get as things aren’t selling out rapidly. Plus, for a lot of these items, sure the price may be lower tomorrow, but it is often just a few percentage points cheaper. If anything, it is always a good idea to get a grip on what you may want this Prime Day.

A great new feature of Prime to be aware of is Amazon Key. Amazon Key allows your packages to be delivered straight to your car (and home). It currently supports a variety of vehicles including major manufacturers like GMC, Buick, and Chevrolet . Thinking specifically about electronics, Amazon Key pairs great in particular with GMC Denali vehicles since these cars have incredibly robust multimedia features including 4G LTE that can connect up to seven devices at a time, USB ports, and 110 volt electrical plugs throughout the vehicle. See our Best Prime Day Electronics here for more stuff that would go great in one of these vehicles.

All in all, Amazon has delivered plenty of awesome deals prior to Prime Day, but at 3PM the real deals will start to drop. Here’s the best Prime Day automotive deals posted now in Amazon’s Daily Deals.

1. MicroFiber Cleaning Cloths – 19% Off

microfiber automotive towels


Nothing beats microfiber for cleaning. These cloths offer the best possible absorption and softness. Boasting a 90% polyester composition, they’re totally soft and completely non-abrasive. They won’t scratch paints, coats, or other surfaces. They’re great for cleaning your windshield but also good to have around if you have any sensitive electronics.

This pack includes three different colors: blue, yellow, and white. The best part about these clothes is that they are heavily reusable. They can be rinse and reused 100s of times. It’s hard to think of something more practical to have in your car. They’re great for cleaning the glass, displays, and other parts of your car, plus they’re just plain useful to have around.


Price: $11.99

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2. BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional Obdii Scan Tool – 20% Off

bluedriver automotive diagnostic scanner


Using CamelCamelCamel, we were able to see that this professional scan tool is selling at a 20% discount from its price in May of $119.99.

This professional scan tool offers a ton of value for the right user. It works with both Apple and Android devices and was developed by engineers in N. America. The best part about it is that it can help you to gain or lose trust with your mechanic. This device has a sensor and codereader that allows it to gain vehicle-specific repair reports. It does using a database of some 6.6 million fixes, all of which have been certified by auto exports.

Make no mistake, this is the very same technology your mechanic uses to make the diagnosis they do. For those who know what they’re doing and are willing to “get behind the wheel” so to speak of fixing their car, it’s available at a great value. Users love it for its speed, reliability, and time-logging features. You can even monitor your vehicle in real time.


Price: $99.95

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3. Konig XG-12 Pro Snow Chains – 28% Off

konig xg12 snow chains


This quick-fitting snow chain is great for SUV. It helps your tires perform well on those dreaded snowy days. The bumpers are also anti-scratch nylon to help protect alloy wheels (though you need to use this if it doesn’t apply).

Users love these chains because they are easy to put on your car. That said, they may not be the best for constant and daily use. They are best for occasional use and if kept in your car for when the situation arises.


Price: $172.70

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4. Gojo Pumice Hand Cleaner – 54% Off

gojo pumice hand cleaner


Praised as the “goto” soap, this natural orange cleaning soap does an amazing job of getting through the grime and cleaning one’s hands. Users call it “essential.” It’s great for those are cleaning paint, dirt, and other hard-to-get-off substances.

Another benefit of this product: it can be used to get grease stains out of clothes , though it can take a few applications and a diligent scrub. Still, this makes for a great gift for dad in the garage or anyone else who needs to get their hands clean.

Price: $12.79

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5. 12,000 Lumen LED Light Bar – 33% Off

12000 lumen led lightbar


For those with an offroading streak, these high beams are great for mounting to the top of your vehicle and seeing what is to come. Boasting a massive 12,000 lumens, they’re sure to brighten your way a shocking distance.

They work great as fog lights and boast simple wiring. The housing doesn’t leak and they are solidly water-resistant. They boast a flood light and two spot modes. Another benefit of these lights is they light more of the periphery than other models. At this price, they’re a great deal.


Price: $34.98

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