Is Russell Crowe Dead?

Russell Crowe Dead

The world was shocked, rocked and bothered this morning when New York radio station Z100 reported that actor Russell Crowe died in a fall from a mountain peak in Kitzbuhel, Austria while producing his next movie. Kitzbuhel is a mountainous area that is often used for filming big-budget movies, and it’s quite feasible that Crowe, who has a reputation for doing his own stunts, could fall victim to a tragic circumstance there.

However, Crowe’s rep in the States has denied the rumors, stating that any reports of Russell Crowe dying are “not true.” But who is this rep, really? Is he someone who has a stake in the world believing that Crowe is still alive, at least until his next movie comes out? With Robin Hood not performing at the box office, it’s possible that dying could be the best thing for Russell Crowe’s career – his next film, The Next Three Days, could probably use a Heath Ledger bump, if you know what I mean.

Until Crowe himself appears publicly to deny the rumors (preferably with chunks of a mountain under his fingernails and the skin of a goat wrapped around his shoulders), Russell Crowe is dead. And if he’s not, he’s dead to me.

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