Nick Cave To Write The Crow Reboot

Nick Cave To Rewrite The Crow

Another interesting piece of news coming out of Comic Con is that Relativity Media’s upcoming reboot of The Crow, to be directed by Stephen Norrington (Blade), is getting rewritten by music legend Nick Cave.

Cave brings a gothic sensibility to The Crow series that should be a perfect fit for the franchise.  While the original series fell flat after the first film, with each subsequent release steadily turning into direct-to-video productions, Relativity have stated that they expect this film to be an event movie, reaching at least as large as audience as the original did.

With that in mind the question becomes, which Nick Cave will be writing the script? The Nick Cave that wrote 2005’s excellent Australian western  The Proposition and was named one of Variety’s 10 Screenwriters to Watch in 2006, or the Nick Cave that wrote the infamous batshit crazy Gladiator 2 script that resurrected Maximus and made him an immortal warrior (ending with a job in the Pentagon)?

I don’t know, but at least the soundtrack should kick ass.

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