The 20 Awesomest Inception Mash-Ups

The 20 Awesomest Inception Mash-Ups

Inception was an awesome movie, but everybody knew that before it even came out because the trailers were so ridiculous. So what happens when you mash up the insane epicness of the Inception trailer with some of the silliest movies ever made? Awesome happens. That’s why the Inception trailer mash-up fad is taking the internet by storm, and luckily for you we’ve picked our 20 favorite mash-ups for you to enjoy. Make sure you stay till the end, because just like Inception this list ends with a crazy plot twist.

1. Upception Mash-ups with just about the entire Pixar catalog is in this list, but don’t worry: they’re all this awesome.

2. The Simpsons InceptionInception was an incredibly awesome movie, and Leonardo Dicaprio is great, but switching him out for Homer Simpson would’ve made it better.

3. Inception-E Pixar movie #2. We think Wall-E would make an excellent action hero.

4. Monsters, INCeption Yet another Pixar movie. This one actually kind of fits with the Inception mood too.

5. Lord of the InceptionsOne idea to rule them all.

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