Kevin Costner’s Comeback Roles, ‘Three Days to Kill’, Jack Ryan Reboot

Don’t call it a comeback. Not yet at least.

After scoring an Emmy nomination earlier this year for The History Channel’s Hatfields and McCoys and starring as Superman’s dad in next year’s Man of Steel, Kevin Costner is eying two major roles that might propel him back into the limelight after lying low since 2007’s lukewarm Mr. Brooks (you can thank Dane Cook for that misstep).

In the Kenneth Branagh-directed Jack Ryan film, Costner’s been offered the mentor role to Chris Pine’s rendition of the bad-ass government spy. The film will be a prequel to previous Jack Ryan films like Patriot Games, and Clear and Present Danger, as this version will be younger and, presumably, more action-oriented.

The other role that’s Costner’s for the taking, is ‘Three Days to Kill’, a Taken-like action vehicle produced and co-written by Luc Besson (Taken, The Professional). Costner would play the role of Ethan Renner, a government spy (they’re everywhere) who has one last mission to finish while dying and while trying to appease his selfish daughter. I don’t know that she’s selfish, but it sounds like it.

High octane director McG (Charlie’s Angels) is attached to helm the project so far, which likely means this will be a flashier action film as opposed to Taken’s grittier style.

According to Deadline, all Costner has to do is say yes.

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