Tony Scott: The ’80s SAAB Commercial That Got Him The ‘Top Gun’ Gig

Prolific action-helmer, Tony Scott, has been killed following a self-inflicted leap off of a Los Angeles bridge yesterday afternoon, which comes as quite the surprise as the younger Scott brother, to Ridley Scott, has always pumped out fairly enjoyable popcorn fare for years now. His latest film, Unstoppable, with frequent collaborator Denzel Washington, was received the same way many of his films were: an enjoyably fast-paced, albeit predictable, cinematic ride.

After striking out commercially with his first film, The Hunger, Scott went back to directing commercials until Jerry Bruckheimer came across this early 80’s SAAB ad featuring a race between a jet and a SAAB. Bruckheimer, who also was a fan of the visual style of The Hunger, commissioned Tony for a small film he was working on called Top Gun. The film would go on to be the biggest box office smash of 1986 topping the $177 million mark.

Check out the commercial above. You can see the same editing and aesthetics that would become the trademark of his kinetic film work.

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