WATCH: IMDB’s Top 250 Films in 2.5 Minutes, Insane Movie Mash-Up

This is a mind-blowing mash-up of all of IMDB’s Top 250 films. And it does it all in two and a half minutes. A pretty incredible feat. Also a GIANT eff you to copyright law.

Seriously, watch this now, because I suspect it might be taken down any minute now. It’s proof of why copyright law needs to be severely amended in this country because it’s being used to block creativity such as this rather than allowing creativity to prosper (which is the reason for copyright law in the first place).

From the music to the images, everything in this video is beautiful and would be prohibitively expensive under how copyright is too often used.

Anyway, this is incredible regardless of copyright, all scored to a Beatles, Cypress Hill, Joan Jett, House of Pain mash-up. The Internet is amazing sometimes.

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