Joseph Gordon-Levitt Will Be ‘Batman’ For ‘Justice League’ Film

In a move that shows that Warner Bros. is trying to add continuity to the end of Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt appears to have signed on for the Batman role in WB’s Justice League film.

Hitfix reports that JGL will indeed don the cape and cowl, and might even pop up somewhere in next year’s Superman reboot, Man of Steel, to set up the JL film ala Marvel and their set-ups leading to The Avengers.

If you remember, Marvel began setting up the billion-dollar blockbuster, The Avengers, back with 2008’s Iron Man. It looks like WB might be following their path to success.

Drew McWeeny, from HitFix, supposedly got this casting info from confidential sources. How true is it? Well, McWeeny called Liam Neeson’s return in The Dark Knight Rises long before it was confirmed, so he may be onto something.

My guess is that Warner Bros. is dying for JGL to play Batman in the JL film. It only makes sense since Nolan will still be attached to the already announced reboot of the Batman franchise, but in a producer’s role. Whether or not we’ll see JGL in his own Batman film before the JL film is still in the air. So far Justice League is confirmed for 2015, so we’re still a way’s away.

IMDB describes the Justice League film as: Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Flash and other superheroes unite to fight against evil forces.

Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman have been rumored to be the centerpieces of the film and there’s been feint whispers that Jennifer Lawrence is playing the part of Wonder Woman and for good reason: she’s hot, on fire in Hollywood right now, and she has the right look. As far as we know though, that role is still up for grabs.

Names like Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox have been attached to the role before, so it remains yet to be seen who will play the heroine with the magic lasso.

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