Michael Arndt Confirmed As Writer For Star Wars Episode VII

Michael Arndt Star Wars VII

Since the announcement of Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm and announcement of a new trilogy, speculation had gone wild about whose hands the franchise would be placed in. Well, the first piece of the puzzle has been solved. The writer of Star Wars: Episode VII will be Michael Arndt.

Michael Arndt’s name has been passed around in a number of rumors in the past few days and Disney/Lucasfilm has just confirmed it. If you don’t know Michael Arndt’s name, that’s ok because you certainly know his work. He wrote Little Miss Sunshine and then was snatched up by Pixar to write Toy Story 3.

Both excellent work. He’s also something of a Star Wars expert.

This should be exciting news. I think everyone hoped that when Disney bought Star Wars they would just get the amazing people at Pixar to work on it. This is a great start. Let’s hope they continue along this path and name Brad Bird to direct. Fingers crossed, fanboys!

(h/t Latino Review)