‘World War Z Trailer’: First Look at Brad Pitt’s Zombie Movie

After numerous delays and production difficulties, blockbuster zombie flick World War Z is due for release, and the first trailer has been unveiled. Based on the novel by Zombie Survival Guide author Max Brooks, the film focuses on a global outbreak of the zombie virus, and the military tactics/war improvised to deal with the new reigning undead armies.

Fanboys are abuzz about some key departures from the book that are apparent in the trailer. Most importantly being that the book is written from the perspective of various survivor accounts of the zombie war, while the film chooses to employ a first hand account of the carnage.

As far as first impressions from the trailer, the “wow” factor is very much in play. A thundering brass section ominously welcomes us into the disintegration of a major city, and the every man Brad Pitt boldly protecting his family from the military response and unknown adversary alike. It’s not long till we’re privy to see the thousands of diseased corpses in action, and I assure you these are not your fathers zombies. Instead of shuffling along ala’ Walking Dead style, these mothers are in full sprint and hell bent on destruction with no sense of self preservation.

If nothing else, it promises to be a $125 million thrill ride with zombie busting action at every corner. Strap in soldier, the war is on!