Watch Full ‘Movie 43′ Basketball Skit: ‘Victory’s Glory’

When I first saw the trailer for Movie 43, I thought this vignette would be one of the funniest of the film. But, it seems like all the best jokes were put in the trailer, and the segment itself doesn’t offer anything new to chuckle at.

The foul-mouthed segment spoofs racism, black stereotypes, coach pep talks and even sports documentaries. But really, the jokes get old pretty fast. See for yourself and decide whether or not this was released early for publicity for the film or simply because it was the weakest segment.

I myself still want to see the movie, and likely will on opening day, but the red-band trailer really kind of spoiled this one. Terrence Howard is always a welcome treat on the screen, but I bet you’ve never seen this kind of filthy language fly from his lips before.