WATCH: How J.J. Abrams Makes Those Annoying Lens Flares

J.J. Abrams Lens Flares: How They're MadeThe King of the Lens Flare (aka JJ Abrams) is set to direct Star Wars Episode VII. But what are lens flares exactly and how are they made? And how do filmmakers like Abrams use them to their advantage? Anthony goes behind the lens for answers. DNews is a show about the science of everyday…2013-01-26T21:00:16.000Z

When I listed my 4 reasons why J.J. Abrams is the wrong choice to direct Star Wars, I purposely left out one problem with his film-making. EXCESSIVE LENS FLARES! Anyone who has seen Star Trek has been practically blinded by his utter overuse of this camera trick. It doesn’t make things look slick and new, J.J. It just makes things impossible to look at.

Well, here’s a nice little video to show you how he made those lens flares and a nice parody of why he shouldn’t use them in Star Wars.

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