Is This Year’s Oscars Too Song Heavy?


I love a great tune. Hell, Adele just had a great performance with possibly the best James Bond theme ever. But in between all the stylistic awards (sound and picture editing, puppetry mastery, CGI awesomeness) there seems to be an abundance of singing this year at the Academy Awards that’s making the Grammys blush.

Not only did Seth MacFarlane have three musical numbers to start the show, but we also received a melody of previous Academy nominated songs by the likes of Jennifer Hudson, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and this year’s entire cast of Les Miserables, as well as a performance by Shirley Bassey performing the theme to Goldfinger.

Is the singing too much? My guess is that these musical numbers are just filler until we get to the meat of this program, and that’s best picture, best actors and best director. Until we get there, though, we’ll just have to whistle along.

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