It’s Official: ‘Star Wars’ Spin-Off Features On Their Way


As if you didn’t think Disney wouldn’t try to squeeze every dime out of Jabba the Hut’s bottom (where is that thing, anyone know?) as they could, word coming around today that in addition to Episodes 7-9, we will be receiving new stand alone films that take place in the Star Wars universe.

Perhaps something among the lines of Chewy and Han visiting a brothel only to realize the midgets they were cavorting with were evil Ewoks under the spell of a young Darth Vader.

I’m just spit-balling here, but the actual potential of spinning off films based on the characters and worlds that George Lucas helped create has dollar signs written all over. Laurence Kasdan has already signed on to helm one of the films, which bodes well since he has a history with the series, and I like Dreamcatcher…that was a good film.

Well folks, get ready for more than just one trip into the future as we’re just not receiving Episodes 7-9 in theaters, but also “one-offs”, which is also a term the evil Ewoks possibly use to lure Han and Chewy into their lair (in my imaginary off-shoot, of course).