What Hairdo Will Javier Bardem Wear In Joe Wright’s Peter Pan Movie?


All right, let’s all be clear about this first. Warner Bros. really wants Bardem to play the baddie in this re-imagining of Peter Pan’s origin story (Deadline). The kicker is, is that there’s no ink dry on the contract yet. But that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate.

Joe Wright, director of gorgeously-dainty fare like Atonement and Pride and Prejudice, really gave himself a genre-shock with 2011’s Hanna, which combined over-the-top action and sci-fi themes. While it wasn’t by any means a great film, it was at times quite entertaining and more than that, left you wondering what else could this director do should he refine this aesthetic iteration of his craft.

So, back to this Peter Pan film at hand. Should Javier Bardem accept the role? What kind of ‘do will adorn that beautiful scalp of his? At this point, it’s kind of his gimmick right? He has to have some kind of interesting haircut. I can’t think of any actor that has gotten more attention for his or her hairstyle other than maybe Tom Hanks in The Davinci Code or that unforgivable fiasco called Nicholas Cage’s wig in Ghost Rider–but I digress.

Should Javier Bardem play Blackbeard, captain of the evil pirates, what kind of hairstyle would he bear? Here’s a few of his best: