Top 5 Best Ant-Man Toys

ant-man toys

With Ant-Man being Marvel’s latest big movie hit, we’re already seeing a ton of great Ant-Man toys and other merchandise hit the market already. And, we can fully expect Ant-Man toys to be the go-to hot toys this holiday season. There are already numerous action figures and replicas available from top toy brands like LEGO, Funko and more.

So without further ado, here are the top 5 best Ant-Man toys:

1. Marvel Legends Infinite Series Ant-Man

Ant-Man toys

If you’re searching for an Ant-Man action figure toy, your best bet is the Marvel Legends Infinite Series Ant-Man. It’s highly articulated and detailed to perfection, and comes from the Ultron Build-a-Figure collection. It stands at 6-inches tall, and comes with 3 small figures and a Build-a Figure piece.

Price: $25.35

Buy the Marvel Legends Infinite Series Ant-Man figure here.

2. LEGO Ant-Man Building Kit

ant-man toys

Of course, LEGO has thrown their name into the Ant-Man based toy hat with the LEGO Ant-Man Building Kit. The kit includes Hank Pym, a super-jumper Ant-Man, a flying ant, a LEGO brick-built catapult, and Yellowjacket.

Price: $29.25

Buy the LEGO Ant-Man Building Kit here.

3. Funko POP Marvel: Ant-Man Action Figure

Ant man toys

Like there’s a Funko POP everything else, the toy company has created an Ant-Man action figure as well. It stands at just 3 3/4 inches and will look great with the rest of your Funko Pop figures. There’s also a truly badass glow in the dark Yellow Jacket action figure from the movie as well. We also have other Funko pop figures on our list of the best cool toys for boys.

Price: $8.95 (19 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Funko POP Marvel Ant-Man Action Figure here.

4. Imagine by Rubies Ant-Man Costume Set

ant-man costume

Although you obviously can’t shrink yourself down to Ant-Man’s size, you can still look like him with the Imagine by Rubies Ant-Man Costume Set. It’s designed to fit children up to 54-inches tall with 27 to 30-inch waists, and will allow them to look the part. It’ll inspire creativity and imagination through role-playing.

Price: $37.93

Buy the Ant-Man Costume Set here.

5. Marvel Comics Ant-Man Mr. Potato Head Figure

ant-man toys

The classic Mr. Potato is fun in its own right, but how about a Marvel Comics licensed Ant-Man Mr. Potato Head? He’s armed with a helmet, sensible shoes and the ability to communicate with insects (note: he doesn’t really communicate with insects). He stands 6″ tall and includes a variety of components to mix and match, including the powerful suit and helmet.

Price: $19.62

Buy the Ant-Man Mr. Potato Head Figure here.

See More Ant-Man Toys here.

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