11 Best Cyber Monday Blu Ray Deals on Amazon

Free yourself from the constraints of streaming services with these best Cyber Monday Blu Ray deals on Amazon.

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Where to find the best Cyber Monday movie deals.

I say, skip running around to a dozen different specialty stores trying to compare deals, and stick with Amazon. They have the widest selection and no one can beat their shipping times. 

One hitch with Amazon is that their search isn't always the most informative and it's easy to miss the real gems hidden in there. (Trust me, searching Amazon is my job.) That's why we've got people like me who are combing sales for you to highlight the best deals of all.

Why you should still be buying Blu-ray discs and DVDs in a world of streaming media.

I think we can all see where streaming media is going. It was one thing when it was Netflix and Hulu. But now the streaming media game is splintering off into so many subscriptions that it's going to cost a fortune to keep up. 

Physical sales he declined over the years while digital sales soar, enough that even declined over the years have announced they're backing out of offering their media in Blu Ray hardware. The Collider puts it well by saying that what you want to watch is now dictated by what services you pay for. 

When you own your favorite shows and movies on hardcopy, no streaming service can hold them hostage and you can watch them whenever the mood strikes.

Blu-ray fun fact:

Researchers at Northwestern University have discovered that the grooves on a Blu-ray disc are possibly the optimum surface to maximize the efficiency of solar panels by printing solar panels copying the pattern of specific Blu-ray discs.

The first movie they printed onto a solar panel was Jackie Chan's Police Story 3: Supercop.

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