Horror Remake Watch: Mario Bava’s Black Sunday

It really doesn’t matter what you think of all these horror remakes, ’cause they’re here to stay, and there will be more – many, many more. Here’s the latest “reimagined” scarefest from the Hollywood nightmare machine.

Mario Bava was out of his damn mind, so of course his 1960 feature film debut as a director inspired insanity in all who witnessed it, with the gorgeous Barbara Steele playing a 17th century witch that’s burned at the stake (after a spiked metal mask is hammered onto her face) and later returns to life to exact witchy revenge.Upon its release, Black Sunday was, of course, banned here and there, and word on the street had it that a new Master of Horror was skulking about.

Now, director Stuart Gordon brings us a new Sunday, with none other than Asia Argento filling in for Steele. Gordon knows his horror, having shook things up a bit with Re-Animator and From Beyond, and he’s no stranger to witchy ways, having adapted H.P. Lovecraft’s &”Dreams in the Witch-house” for Showtime’s Masters of Horror series – though it’s unclear as to why he wants the action to take place on the moon this time around. Whatever, though – the guarantee that this Sunday will be a good ‘un is Argento, who, like Barbara Steele before her, is a beautiful Italian woman, and, like Mario Bava before her, is out of her Goddamn mind.

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