Horror Remake Update: B-17

It really doesn’t matter what you think of all these horror remakes, ’cause they’re here to stay, and there will be more – many, many more. Here’s the latest “re-imagined” scarefest from the Hollywood nightmare machine.

B-17 from Heavy Metal

Remember Heavy Metal, the 1981 animated sci-fi fantasy anthology flick with swords, sorcery, robots, aliens, lots of naked breasts, a glowing green ball-thing, a voice cast consisting mostly of SCTV alums and a soundtrack featuring the likes of Cheap Trick, Devo, Sammy Hagar and Stevie Nicks, among many others?

Oh yeah you do.

Remember the one segment that took place in World War II and featured the glowing green ball-thing turning a bunch of slain flyboys into zombies? You should, as it was probably the most harrowing and arguably the best of all the Heavy Metal pieces. Based on a story by Dan O’Bannon (Alien), “B-17” follows the plight of the pilot of the B-17 bomber “Pacific Pearl” after his crew is zombified by the glowing green ball-thing (actually called the “Loc-Nar,” duh). It’s creepy as all get-out… and features the song “Heavy Metal (Take a Ride)” by Don Felder, to boot.

B-17 from Heavy Metal

And it’s about time someone made a live-action feature-length version of it. Someone over at Sony must’ve been up late recently and caught Heavy Metal on cable and realized they had a potential hit staring them in the face – and apparently the studio is eyeing Viggo Mortensen as the terrified pilot that ends up behind enemy lines in a territory populated by the undead. We doubt the Loc-Nar will be the reason for all the supernatural goings-on, though rumor hath it Sony is hoping Vampire Weekend will do a cover of “Heavy Metal (Take a Ride).”

No word yet on a director, and no word yet if Dan O’Bannon, who died this past December, will be making a cameo as one of the undead.

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