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District 13: Ultimatum

The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus – Forever to be known as “Heath Ledger‘s last film,” this Terry Gilliam joint sees the legendary surrealist British director and Monty Python alum trafficking more in the domain of CGI effects, for better or for worse. Some great performances anchor this tale of a wandering doctor and his mobile “imaginarium,” which allows visitors to make the great moral choice between good and evil – if they want to. Many read this film as a metaphor for Gilliam’s life – trundling out film after film to mostly uncaring masses who can’t see through the facade to the meat inside the nut, as it were. Definitely worth seeing if you missed it in theaters.

Transylmania – Horror gets skewered in this lowbrow spoof that the critics ripped to savage shreds. I didn’t think it was all that bad, to be honest – sure, it was dumb as rocks, but even a rock can get a laugh if it bounces off the right head. If you’re in the market for boobs, butts, and cheap jokes, you could do worse.

District 13:Ultimatum – The next chapter in the French parkour-action series is actually a little bit more fun than the first, thanks to the strong hand of director Patrick Alessandrin. The titular district is the target of a government plot to foment civil unrest in preparation for a total teardown, and unlikely heroes Damien and Leito must join forces again to kick ass with style and save their homes.

It’s Complicated – Mom, I told you not to read my column anymore.