Full Release: DVD/Blu-Ray


Take some movies home today, why don’t you? Weird things happen in the theater. This week’s new DVD and Blu-Ray releases include a critically acclaimed drama and… a bunch of junk. Oh well! Let’s get to the movies.

Invictus – This is obviously the A-list pick of the week, the South African soccer drama starring Morgan Freeman as Nelosn Mandela. Although it seemed tailor-made to sweep the Oscars, it only got two nominations and no wins. Clint Eastwood directs, also stars Matt Damon. Watch the trailer.

Valentine’s Day – Another in the endless series of huge-cast rom-coms that examine Love And Sex in this Crazy Modern World, this stars one of the largest ensemble casts in Hollywood history – Taylor Lautner! Taylor Swift! Taylor Hanson (just kidding). Jessica Alba! Jennifer Garner! Bradley Cooper! Queen Latifah! The list goes on and on and on, but the movie got hugely negative reviews. I didn’t see it because I didn’t want my testicles to suck back up inside my abdominal cavity.

The Spy Next DoorJackie Chan slums it again in this family-friendly action comedy that boasts a few of the Kung Fu master’s trademark stunts mixed into a huge, steaming pile of dull physical and cultural comedy. If you’re a completist or you want to introduce your kids to the joy of a Chinese guy hurting himself, it’s worth a look. Read our review.

The Messenger – Incredible post-war drama starring Woody Harrelson and Benjamin Foster as two soldiers in the Army’s Casualty Notification Service, charged with informing family that their loved ones have died in Iraq. Amazing performances from the stars and Samantha Morton as a grieving widow who starts a relationship with Foster make this a must-see.

The New Daughter – Luis Berdejo, the director of Pan’s Labrynth, makes his English-language debut with this strange little horror film about a single father who moves with his two daughters to a mysterious house in the country, where – of course – creepy things start happening. Watch the trailer.