‘# Hold Your Breath’ Ushers in the Halloween Horror


# Hold Your Breath, seems to carry the premise of your typical scary film: mystery, spooky music, torture scenes, grizzly gore, and the infamous shots of nude females frolecking near the lake in the woods. Still interested?

It stars Katrina Bowden of 30 Rock and American Reunion and Randy Wayne of True Blood and The Closer, who along with five friends embark on a camping trip that of course becomes a bit bloody. Cue the urban legend! This time it’s the old superstition about holding one’s breath when passing a cemetery.

Guess what, somebody doesn’t play along and the soul of a serial killer is set free, shifting from one young body to the other. All of the essential characters are present: the nerd, the jock, the slut, and the good-girl virgin who shuns her boyfriend’s advances. Perhaps not the most original play in the horror book, but it does look like a suspenseful and witty approach to mass murder and carnage.

Start holding your breath on Oct 15th.

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