Watch ‘Mama’: The Terrifying Short Guillermo del Toro is Creating Into a Feature

MAMA Short Film with intro from Guillermo del ToroThe feature film, MAMA, coming to theaters on January 18, 2013, was based on a short film of the same name from Andy and Barbara Muschietti. This exclusive look at the original short film is presented by Guillermo del Toro and includes one of the scariest scenes del Toro has ever seen. The craftsmanship, ingenuity,…2012-12-27T17:59:00.000Z

There’s rarely any three minute short films that pack as much fright as this short by Spanish writer/director Andres Muschietti.

Sporting some impressive visual effects and a simple yet terrifying concept, this is one of the best horror shorts (and I mean short…only three minutes) that I’ve ever seen, and Guillermo del Toro, who provides the introduction thought the same: he’s producing a full-length feature film of Mama coming to theaters in 2013. I can’t wait!

Prepare to crap thy pants, because this is spooky as hell! Then check below for the trailer to the feature-length film coming next year!


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