Full Release: Movies


It’s October, which means that the massive crush of summer blockbusters has finally come to an end, and studios can now release movies that are actually, you know, good. Or at least that’s the theory.

Couples Retreat – Aw, crap. I just had to jinx myself. The big opener for this weekend is a rom-com vacation movie. Four couples go off to an island retreat to work on their relationships – and nobody dies! There, I just spoiled it for you. A decent cast (Vince Vaughn, Kristen Bell and Jason Bateman, among others) can’t drag me into a theater for this one.

Bronson – That’s better. This balls-out biopic of one of the most dangerous prisoners in Britain has been getting raves from pretty much every critic with a working pair of balls, and what I’ve seen from it has been dynamite. Charles Bronson (not the Death Wish actor, sadly) fights his way through life and leaves a trail of broken bodies behind him – but is there more to the dude than just laying the hurt down? Even if there’s not, it’s still cool.

Yes Men Fix The World – If we needed a mascot for this web site, we’d ask the Yes Men to get in the costume. This loosely-organized group of pranksters travel the world sticking it to the rich and powerful by pretending to be them – from WTO speakers to Exxon Mobil execs. This flick documents some of their most outrageous stunts. You should see it, then go out and prank somebody in solidarity.

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