Legion Review


The supernatural steps into our world once more in Legion, a new action flick with a somewhat blasphemous premise. God has become so peeved at our sinning ways that he’s dispatched the Heavenly Host to wipe out humanity. One lone archangel stands against the big G and tries to keep an unborn baby who may be the new Jesus safe through the siege. It’s sacrilicious! So what did I think?

First off: for all it’s quasi-theological trappings, Legion isn’t a deep thinking movie. In classic Terminator style, the Archangel Michael (played by Paul Bettany) lands on Earth and loads up with some machine guns, and from there on out it’s non-stop AK-47 combat against the film’s “angels,” which are really a little more on the Satanic side. Occasionally we stop to breathe and you almost start to wonder why a truly omnipotent God would need to send sharp-toothed creatures to kill us when a flood worked fine in the Old Testament. But when there’s this much ordinance flying around, who has time for pesky thoughts? A fine cast, including a standout performance by Kevin Durand as Gabriel, the archangel sent to stop Michael, helps the pill go down.

I enjoyed Legion, but couldn’t help thinking of all the unanswered questions when I walked out of the theater. For all of the religiosity, it’s basically just a zombie movie with a fresh coat of paint. I’d love to see a sequel where the filmmakers get really creative with the potential of a homicidal God.

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