What Movie Should I Watch This Weekend?

Scene from Skyline

Movies In Theaters on November 12th, 2010

After a couple of action packed weeks, things have slowed down in New Releases. The two major openings this week are Skyline and Unstoppable. Skyline is a big-budget science fiction flick about an alien force who comes to earth with the purpose of abducting the entire human population. It has a relatively unknown cast and after watching the trailer, it’s clear where the budget went – the wondrous world of CGI. Our guess is the plot will be dispensed with in the first few minutes and the fireworks will begin. If you’re looking for eye candy, could be the ticket. Unstoppable is the latest Tony Scott – Denzel Washington vehicle. They have made 5 movies together, count ’em, 5. Although the movie has largely positive reviews and it’s hard to hate on Denzel, if feels like another page out of their playback. And that leaves the top movies from last week. If you haven’t seen Due Date or Megamind, what are you waiting for?

Opening This Week

Top Films

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