What Movie Should I Watch This Weekend?

Movies In Theaters on December 2, 2010

This will be an interesting weekend at the box office. Any the kids have been Pottered out, so basically the field is wide open. We’ve got three films to shine the spotlight on this week that you might be interested in. The Warrior’s Way is the story of an assassin from the East hiding out in the Old West, which quickly becomes a fight between ninjas and cowboys. I don’t know if that sounds like the greatest movie this year, or the greatest movie ever. Next, you’ve got I Love You Phillip Morris, the true story of two men who fall in love in prison and the lengths one of them goes to to provide a happy life for the other one, no matter what crime is needed to finance it. Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor both provide excellent acting, but this has bomb written all over it.

“Award prestige and the promise of partial nudity”

Finally, we’ve got Black Swan. A thriller set in the world of ballet, this stars Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis as rival ballerinas fighting it out over a role in Swan Lake. I know, sounds like a snorefest, but it has been racking up awards for months now and apparently it has one of the hottest sex scenes of the year in a scene featuring Portman and Kunis.

As hard as it is to beat award prestige and the promise of partial nudity, The Warrior’s Way will win my admission money this weekend. It features an excellent supporting cast (Danny Huston, Geoffrey Rush, Kate Bosworth), and c’mon, ninjas versus cowboys!

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