What Movie Should I Watch This Weekend?

Movies In Theaters on April 7, 2011

Shake Your Money Maker

This week we have three releases, each with a decent chance of making some serious cash over the weekend. There is a medieval pot comedy, an unnecessary remake of an 80s comedy classic, and a kinda-sorta indie action flick that looks like one of the most interesting films of 2011. The question, as always, is which one should get your hard earned money. Lets take a look at the suspects.

Stoner Knights, Drunken Playboy, Teenage Assassin

First up we have Your Highness, the much anticipated knights with shining bongs tale starring Danny McBride (Eastbound and Down) and James Franco (127 Hours) as two princes on a quest to save a damsel from an evil wizard. Oh yeah: Natalie Portman is in it too, continuing her domination of movie dollars in 2010/11 (we’ll see her next in the alt-comedy Hesher). It’s amazing how you can hear so much buzz about a film in the months leading up to release, and then when it’s finally time for the studio to pull the trigger, for all intents and purposes they bury it. Seriously, this is being released on Friday; how many commercials have you seen for it while watching primetime television? I realize the movie involves dudes smoking the forbidden plant, but this is the same team that brought the surprise hit Pineapple Express just a couple of years ago. Show a little faith.

Next up, we have Arthur, Warner Bros. remake of the 80s Dudley Moore classic. This stars Russell Brand as a playboy billionaire who must choose between an arranged marriage that allows him to maintain the lifestyle he is accustomed to, or true love with a girl-next-door type (Jennifer Garner) that will lead to his parents cutting him out of the will. Dame Helen Mirren stars as his ever-patient valet, Hobson, a role that won Sir John Gielgud the Oscar for Best Supporting in the original. Amusing, but maybe not the tour de force you are looking for. Then again, it IS a Russel Brand flick.

Finally we have Hanna, the story of a young girl (17 year-old new-comer Saoirse Ronan) raised from birth by her father (Erica Bana) to be an assassin. When something occurs that leads to him turning her loose on an evil CIA operative (Cate Blanchett), be prepared for all the stylized violence a PG-13 rating will allow. Still, this one looks to be your pick of the week, folks.

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