What Movie Should I Watch This Weekend?

Movies In Theaters on April 28, 2011

April 29th at the movies brings us a former Superman battling the creatures of the night, cool dudes driving cool cars and committing cool crimes, and a wheelchair-bound DJ who finds he has the power to heal the sick. Sounds like there’s a film for just about every mood this weekend!

Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night

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Poor Brandon Routh. Why isn’t he a movie star? He was moving and melancholy as the Man of Steel in Superman Returns and played a psycho ex rather well in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Unfortunately, he seems destined for obscurity, and Dylan Dog: Dead of Night doesn’t look like the showcase that could put him on the frontlines of Hollywood. Comedies are hard enough, but horror comedies are near-impossible, and this flick about a man who investigates crime in the world of monsters looks to be a bit clumsy and, even worse, desperate. The trailer is filled with gags that fall flat (a support group for zombies? Come on…), though Routh manages to rise above it all with the charm and good looks that should’ve made him a movie star by now. Which brings us back full circle… and Dylan Dog doesn’t seem like it goes anywhere, either.

Fast Five

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Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Jordana Brewster team up with the cast members of the other Fast and Furious movies for this super-tricked-out fifth outing, which features the expert road kings coming together to pull off an in-frickin’-sane heist; Dwayne Johnson is on hand to try to stop them and, no matter what, make sure they never get behind the wheels of cars. Actually, the cool cars that have fueled the franchise since 2001’s The Fast and the Furious seem to be taking a back seat with this outing; the trailer promises more insane stunt work and a sure to be show-stopping exchange of fisticuffs between The Rock and Vin rather than the usual display of hot wheels. Even the obligatory random presence of hot women is toned down a bit in the marketing material — has Universal decided that this series is all about the Walker and the Diesel more than anything else? Curiouser and curiouser… or, rather, furiouser and furiouser…

Sympathy For Delicious

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Many actors tend to favor the gritty and/or surreal for their directorial debuts; just take a gander at Gary Oldman‘s Nil by Mouth, Tim Roth‘s The War Zone and Nicolas Cage‘s Sonny as prime examples. It looks like Mark Ruffalo, who recently scored himself an Oscar nomination for turning a gay Julianne Moore straight (at least for a while) in The Kids Are All Right, certainly went down that rugged and ragged path for his first time behind the camera. Sympathy for Delcious, which inspired some head-scratching at Sundance 2010, follows a paralyzed DJ (Christopher Thornton) who discovers he has quite a talent at faith healing; Ruffalo himself plays the priest who serves as his conscience. The cast also includes Ruffalo’s Zodiac pal, John Carroll Lynch, Juliette Lewis, Laura Linney and an almost unrecognizable Orlando Bloom as a guy known as ‘The Stain.’Yeah, this sounds too weird — and, indeed, too delicious — to miss.

Top Movies

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Water For Elephants

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Scream 4

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