‘The Iceman’ Tells the True Story of Mob Hitman Richard Kuklinski


One of the most engaging and chilling programs I’ve seen is the Iceman Interviews, an HBO documentary that came out in 2003. The documentary is a simple one on one interview that shines a light on one of the most notorious hitmen in the history of organized crime.

Richard Kuklinski spent over 20 years as a hired gun for the mob and is estimated to have killed over 100 people, all while maintaining the life of a regular family man. Now serving multiple life sentences behind the cement walls of a maximum security prison, his story of murder is coming to the big screen.

Michael Shannon leads a cast including Ray Liotta, Winona Ryder and James Franco in what looks like another addition to an already stellar lineup of fall dramas. Miachael Shannon truly becomes Kuklinski in the intense trailer that covers the hitman’s rise and eventual fall from 1964-1986.