The 7 Worst/Awesomest Movie Death Scenes EVER

the worst movie deaths
Any action/horror movie worth its popcorn salt is going to have a great death scene, maybe multiple great death scenes. The more creative and over the top the death blow, the better. A bad death scene on the other hand can totally take the air out of a good movie. Unless that movie was bottom shelf garbage to begin with and the death scene is so bad, it actually becomes awesome.

We’ve gathered the worst death scenes that cinema has to offer and compiled them into one heaping, bloody mess. Death scenes so ridiculous, so cheesy, so low budget, that they’ve transcended bad and reached a plane of movie greatness few films will ever accomplish.

This clip can best be summed up with “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” 1973’s Turkish movie Kareteci Kiz, sets the bar high for bad movie deaths with an excessively drawn out death scene. The bad guy takes four gunshots to the abdomen and manages to yell in agony for what seems like forever with each gunshot. Add in the slow motion body convulsions and we’ve got possibly the worst movie death ever… at least by Turkish standards.

Another 1970s movie death classic is the final fight from Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow, a Hong Kong kung fu flick from 1978. Nothing takes down an enemy faster than a well executed eagle claw to the nads. When done by a kung fu master, it’s enough to make a man cry out in the agonizing pain of a thousand tigers before instant death.

That’s right, mofo, you just got a ninja throwing star in the chest! The 1980s were the golden days for ninja films and an early classic of this era was 1981’s Enter the Ninja. The throwing star kill and trademark bad movie death scream are great, but what really sells this scene is the “oh well, sh*t happens” shrug at the end. The YouTube description really puts it best… “villain suddenly realizes the futility of it all and the meaninglessness of man’s existence in a cold, uncaring universe…” Deep.

Leave it to James Bond to turn a completely predictable death scene into a “WTF did I just witness?!” moment. 1973’s Live and Let Die finds Bond (Roger Moore) battling it out with Kananga, after pushing his fatty goon into a torpedo. As Bond wrestles with Kananga in a shark tank the likeness of somebody becoming shark chum is painfully evident. This is Bond we’re talking about though and nothing is what it seems.

Instead of becoming shark chow, Kananga is made to swallow some sort of device that sends him floating to the top of the ceiling like a black balloon before exploding into bad guy shrapnel.

1985’s The Mutilator tried to cash in on the success of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre but lacked the rawness and overall scare factor. What it did succeed in was having one of the strangest death scenes ever.

If you’re going to become a murder victim in a cheesy B-horror movie, you better make the most of your death. If that means looking like you’re having an orgasm while a chainsaw wielding maniac goes lumberjack on your guts, so be it. I never would have guessed the “O face” was so similar to the “Holy crap I’m being violently murdered face”, go figure.

From the incredibly over the top kill, to the cheesy dialogue, everything about 1987’s Hard Ticket to Hawaii is straight to video ’80s action at its worst.

Let’s start at the beginning, we’ve got a skateboard assassin. Really? You’re going to trust a guy riding a skateboard who’s “smoking some heavy doobies” with a hit? Next, the Jeep’s driver gets shot in the chest with a shotgun and his asshole friend has the nerve to ask, “Jay, how bad you hit?” He just got shot in the chest, dumbass, don’t expect him to spot you at the gym anytime soon. Finally, after making the hit, Skater decides to practice his 360 spins before getting blown up with a rocket launcher. Major bummer, dude. Should have stayed in the skatepark.

Italy’s 1971, Asylum Erotica, gets a remix by the Ghetto Boys to make this bloodbath shootout the icing on cake of bad movie deaths. The villain in the clip doesn’t go down easy and flails around the room like a Swan Lake reject as he takes multiple gunshots. Even after being shot in the head, he still continues to give an Oscar worthy performance of overacting. Bravo!

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