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What’s new on Netflix Instant this week and what’s worth your time. We do the legwork so you can lean back and enjoy the show.

Watch The Human Centipede: First Sequence on Netflix Instant

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Is this movie really as crazy as they say it is? Now you can find out for yourself — if you dare! For the record, The Human Centipede is most definitely an outrageous piece of work, a punch-drunk piece of campy grand guignol that probably isn’t half as “shocking” as its marketers would want you to believe — though it certainly requires something of a strong stomach and an appreciation — if not love — of “extreme cinema.” Hey, if nothing else, director Tom Six woke up one morning and thought, “Let’s give them something to talk about” — and he did. Ultimately, it’s a must-see for diehard horror fans; all others should probably go pick flowers instead.

Watch The Fifth Element on Netflix Instant

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Luc Besson’s weirdo sci-fi extravaganza certainly deserves credit for refusing to compromise its vision, even if that vision is a bit… well, undisciplined. The Fifth Element is all over the place, but it so wants to please you that you can’t help but be won over by it, even when its sheer madness gets more than a little exhausting. Besson often mistakes “lots of ideas” for true creativity but, ultimately, who cares? Bruce Willis rules, Milla Jovovich is hot, Gary Oldman is a ham and Chris Tucker seems bound and determined to not only steal this movie but every other movie on Netflix Instant, whether he’s in it of not.

Watch The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring on Netflix Instant

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Still a breathtaking piece of work almost ten years later, LOTR: FOTR proved to the entire world (and Middle-earth, at that) that the jolly New Zealander who so memorably presented the concept of zombie sex (and zombie pregnancy) in Dead Alive could most definitely also bring the work of J.R.R. Tolkien to stunning, glorious life. A rousing and inspiring adventure, FOTR is all the more exciting because you know there are two other excellent installments to watch after this one. The Streaming version is the theatrical cut, which isn’t as good as the Extended Edition, though it is in HD –you know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Watch Saturday Night Live: The Best of Christopher Walken on Netflix Instant

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Christopher Walken reportedly has an “open invitation” to host Saturday Night Live whenever he might feel like it (Alec Baldwin also shares this honor), and it’s certainly well-deserved. Walken is always a welcome presence on SNL, managing to nail the comic timing with his bizarre personas even when the writers aren’t worthy of him. This collection has the “Cowbell” and “Census” sketches, as well as a couple appearances of the suave ladies’ man of “The Continental,” trivial psychic Ed Glosser, a song-and-dance number and plenty more. If you’ve never seen Walken show off his comedic (and musical) chops on SNL, you’re in for a treat — and you might even find yourself catching Cowbell Fever.

Watch The Bad News Bears on Netflix Instant

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Truly one of the great sports comedies, The Bad News Bears is to baseball what Slap Shot is to hockey — a raunchy, mischievous romp that truly loves its respective sport and the lovable misfits that make up the players. Walter Matthau gives one of his best performances ever (and we do mean ever) as a washed-up drunk who ends up coaching a down-and-out Little League team, and the kids match him at every turn (including a young Jackie Earle Haley, our current Freddy Krueger). The Bad News Bears has a foul mouth, a cocky attitude and a big heart — if you’ve never seen it, you must. Big wow!

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